World Language Teacher Summit: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

World Language Teacher Summit


Jared Romey


A free online professional development conference (September 23rd-27th, access longer by paying) for world language teachers (that means you, auxiliares!) featuring live and recorded videos from over 30 master teachers- some of which are ACTFL teachers of the year.

Why is this awesome?

The lineup of teachers is incredible- and the host has promised teachers won’t be pitching other products for you to buy: they’ll be bringing their A-game. I’ve seen many of these presenters live, and they have fantastic, practical strategies you can start using right away in your classes.

If I were you, I’d carve out time to see: Meredith White, Beckie Bray Rankin, Noah Geisel and Lisa Shepard.