Tim's Free English Lesson Plans: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource




Tim Warre


Amazing blog with hundreds of well developed free English lesson plans (as the name implies) in a variety of different categories (e.g., conversation, debate, Cambridge, role-play, discussions, videos, warmups, writing) with a focus on conversation. It features many posts about language skill building—such as listening for gist vs. details, and has recommendations for other sites and guest posts as well.

Why is this awesome?

These are all created by or vetted by Tim, and are all things you aren’t going to find in a textbook (a good thing)! He uses interesting videos online, and creative speaking activities to learn, practice and review vocabulary (price haggling, for example) instead of a boring pair-share activity you might find in your textbook (Student A: “How much is the blue car?” Student B: “The blue car is $4,500. What is your budget? Perhaps I can recommend a different car?”).