Tarver Academy Teaches Google Skills in Southern Accent: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource




Tyler Tarver - Instagram, YouTube


Tyler Tarver is the best Ed Tech presenter I’ve ever seen*. Every session I’ve gone to since has been a disappointment by comparison.

Created by Tyler, these videos walk you through how to perform a TON of useful things with G Suite for Education, and the videos match up with Eric Curtis’s recommended skills to pass the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam.

Why is this awesome?

  1. Southern Accent. Teach your students Ed Tech skills while they get a great example of a Southern US accent! He also has a few different YouTube channels if you don’t want to show technology, such as gaming and humor.

  2. You don’t need to read the Teaching Center notes. Google has an amazing Teaching Center. This is how I passed the exam - going through the tutorial and taking the practice questions. If that’s not your jam, watch the videos instead.

  3. Travis is really entertaining. Just watch 10 seconds of a video and you’ll see what I mean!

  4. Bookmark this for “just in time” learning. Even if you don’t take the exam, bookmark this bad boy and come back to it when you do want to do one of these things.

*Tyler does, however, powerslide when playing Mario Kart against his kids. Unfair advantage, anyone? But hey, nobody’s perfect…