Tumble-Science Podcast for Kids: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

Auxiliar de Conversación Resource



Lindsay Patterson & Marshall Escamilla


“While we hope to inspire curiosity and discovery through accessible storytelling, our show isn't about preparing kids to be scientists or engineers. We hope to prepare kids to be smart participants in society, who understand that science is one of the most powerful tools we have to shape our future.”

“Podcasts are an incredible medium, with so much potential for thoughtful education and entertainment for kids. We strive to lead by example: By creating a well-produced, values-driven podcast that's enjoyable for both kids and adults.”

Why is this awesome?

These science podcasts are SO engaging (think Bill Nye the Science Guy engaging) and SO easy to understand, that they make a perfect addition to any level science class. Use them as a warm-up to your lesson, or as the lesson itself. They would also be great for a “challenge activity” for students who finished early or for students you know would be interested in an extra activity for homework.