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Olya Sergeeva & Kirill Sukhomlin


Go to YouTube. Find a video in English that has subtitles. Put the URL of the video into TubeQuizard. Done.

You just created a cloze-style differentiated listening assessment that individual students can complete at their own pace. Make your own in minutes, or choose from the nearly 200 videos already posted. Does this resource sound familiar? It’s very similar to another favorite of mine- Lyricstraining.

Why is this awesome?

Rarely does a new ed tech tool catch me totally by surprise–but that’s exactly what TubeQuizard did… I had no idea there was a resource out there that had this capability! There are millions of YouTube videos in English with subtitles out there, and this site has tons that are already organized by A1-C2 classifications for you.

Looking for examples of “glottal stops?” How about “disappearing sounds,” or “linking between two words?” Maybe you’re just looking for “chunks?” You can search specifically for these examples of native pronunciation among the quiz library.

These are perfect for days when some students are finishing up an activity and others are bored. Send those who are already done to TubeQuizard to complete a video you’ve selected!