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Liam Day


A website with hundreds of free TEFL resources, including videos, lesson plans, blogs and advice from a veteran English teacher who has taught English abroad in Spain, the UK, South Korea and the Czech Republic for 10 years.

He “focuses on key areas” like adapting the textbook instead of using the whole thing in order to make it “sparkle,” using videos in the classroom, getting students to enjoy grammar, and invites you to “download free TEFL resources…and contact [him] for more information.”

Why is this awesome?

  1. Liam knows what he’s talking about. He’s formally trained (CELTA) and developed his own system (check out his ebook on the Top Class System)

  2. Many of his activities are matched to the Test of English for International Communication® (TOEIC)

  3. His blog posts and materials go way beyond those of typical TEFL teachers. See, for example: How to Beat Depression and Anxiety in the Classroom, How to connect lessons into a coherent block or project, and 5 Routines You Can Implement Immediately Into Your TEFL Classroom