The First Week Language and Culture Assistant Checklist: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

First Week Checklist


Bayard Nielsen (


A checklist of things to make sure you do during your first week in the classroom, along with various helpful templates. This covers everything from: meeting important school personnel, creating seating charts so you can remember who your students are, making a weekly calendar of your classes, having students create “equity cards” (i.e., random name choosers), tips on different activities you can use to introduce yourself to the class, improv activities for helping students “fail” in the target language and learn it’s ok, and setting yourself up for success in terms of establishing your level of participation in planning activities during the year.

Why is this awesome?

Learn from my many, many, many years of mistakes and growing pains! This is the system I use in my own classes, and I know it will help you stay organized and on top of things throughout the school year as an auxiliar de conversación de inglés in Spain. Instead of learning as you go, and wasting 4 hours in between classes because you didn’t have your teacher’s contact info and she gave a test–this template will remind you to get her WhatsApp deets so she can message you and say “hey- sleep in today because we’re giving a test and I forgot to tell you!