Can / Can't Human Bingo—Primaria Ice-Breaker: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource




Christina Villani


The students must ask their classmates, "Can you...?," with the activities on the bingo board. If a classmate answers, "Yes, I can," they can write his/her name in that square. If a classmate answers, "No, I can't.," they must ask another classmate. They can only ask each classmate 1-2 questions (depending on the size of your class). The object of the activity is to have one name in each box.

Why is this awesome?

I have very little experience teaching primaria (and therefore, few lesson plans to offer you), and this is one of the first great ice-breakers I’ve seen submitted to that you could use on day 1 and expect all students to stay in the target language. You’re also using movement, so it is engaging and would get you that 100% student participation we’re always looking for.

Moreover, it allows for solid differentiation when it comes time to report out what students found out. I would begin by expecting full sentences from everyone. But, maybe you end up putting some sentence starters on the board: “_____ can _______, but ________ can’t ________.” This ensures that all students can respond in full sentences, instead of giving one word responses.

For your superstars, ask them follow up questions!