Reading Comprehension- Maisie Williams on Body Image in Game of Thrones: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

Auxiliar de Conversación Resource



Bayard Nielsen,


One thing I always wished when I was an auxiliar de conversación was that someone would show me the “correct” way to do something; I always felt like I was going an activity that was good, but not great, or used some “best practices” but not all. Well, here’s one of the absolute best practice for reading comprehension currently in the US, recommended by ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

This is part of an “Integrated performance assessment” - and can be used to help predict what a student’s level of proficiency in a language is. Plus, it’s about Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams!

Why is this awesome?

By completing this assessment, students are guided/forced to follow solid reading techniques: identify keywords, guess (not look up) definitions based on the context, determine the main idea and author’s perspective, make inferences about the text, and compare and contrast examples of culture described with their own.

Let me know if you find the resource helpful! If so, I’ll create the other two components of the “full” IPA - interpersonal and presentational.