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The teacher has Google Slide Deck (i.e. Powerpoint Presentation) with one big GIF per slide. Pro tip: have your students make this for you. Pair your students so they are facing each other (student 1 is looking at the screen, student 2 is looking at the back of the classroom). Show the GIF. Student 1 has 20 seconds to describe the GIF to student 2 only using English. Then the teacher says “stop.” The teacher calls on a “student 2” at random and asks “What did student 1 say?” Pro tip: call on a few others if it’s a particularly funny/interesting GIF. The teacher then says “Ok- everyone look.” Students 1 & 2 then change position. You can repeat this 5-10x.

Why is this awesome?

100% student engagement. Everyone is constantly talking or listening. Students are moving around the room, laughing, and want to listen hard to make sure they have something to say if called on. Also, because you are reporting what someone else said, there is less pressure to be “right.”