Male Feminist Allies Presentation: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource




Ryan Robinson


Great presentation about male feminist allies that also discusses sexism and feminism in the United States. Begins with introduction to vocabulary, discussion questions, and recent events ("male toxicity," "war on men," comments by Trump). Then moves into a think-pair-share, followed by several critical thinking activities.

*Involves serious debate questions- best for bachillerato level. I highly recommend adapting for ESO. Depending on your classes, you may need to offer additional scaffolding to allow for students to access the material.*

Why is this awesome?

Ryan supercharged this lesson with commonly overlooked (but really important) features for language learners: he previews important vocabulary, predicts and explains false cognates that students may get wrong (especially “molestar”), starts with an activating question (using previous experiences—letting students show off what they already know about the topic), uses a surprising metaphor, and engages the audience with visuals, charts and video.

The result is a presentation that becomes an active conversation among students and the teacher, instead of a passive “let’s write down what the teacher tells us.”