Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource: Discussion Sentence Starters (via @CommonLit)





Handout with sentence starters perfect for conversations. Categories include: Entering the Conversation (I noticed that..), supporting ideas with evidence (Where does it say that?), paraphrasing (I'm hearing that...), building on and challenging (adding onto what ___ said...), elaborating and clarifying (more specifically it is...), and synthesizing conversation (we can agree that...) Via @CommonLit

Why is this awesome?

Get students using academic vocabulary from day one by laminating and taping one of these to each desk, or by having students take these out during small group conversations. Instead of 30 students saying “you said…” or “are you saying…” in order to paraphrase what another student said, this gives them 7 to choose from. Instead of stopping a conversation by making awkward eye contact and saying “ya está, no?” this gives them the scaffolding to synthesize a conversation using 8 different sentence starters.

Because they’re sentence starters though, it doesn’t just give students the answer- they need to work with their group to use the required sentence structures, content, etc.