Circumlocution - How to Help Students Get "Unstuck" In A Conversation: Top Auxiliar de Conversación Resource

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Language Learning Tip: Circumlocution


Sr. Jordan


Sr. Jordan explains what “circumlocution” means and gives several very specific examples of how to explain complex situations without knowing certain vocabulary words. This is an absolutely essential skill for language learners at any level.

Why is this awesome?

A common reason for getting “stuck” during conversations, especially for novice or intermediate low speakers is “I forgot how to say ____".

What they don’t realize is that, more often than not, they can say exactly what they need to using different words they already do know, and can therefore keep the conversation going. Don’t know how to say “prison cell?” How about “room that you can’t leave because the police put you in there?” Can’t remember the word for “casino”? Use “entertainment place where you win and lose money playing games”.

By learning about circumlocution, auxiliares de conversación can explain these skills to their students to increase their abilities to stay in the target language and not resort to using unnecessary Spanish.