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Cristina Cabal


“I’m Cristina and this is my blog where I share my favourite activities using and not using technology. Thanks for being here.

The activities I love to create are those where students take an active role in their learning. Very often the activities you’ll see on this blog are fueled by my love for introducing online free tools in my classes, but you’ll also read about games, competitions, introducing different dynamics and, in general, anything that involves stepping away from the book and spicing up my classes. After 20-ish years teaching, I try to keep my motivation high by designing activities which make my students leave the class with a smile on their face and I might give myself a mental high five.”

Why is this awesome?

Cristina has great teaching ideas based on research-based methods (movement, using all modes of communication, repetition, working with groups, growth-mindset), and explains her activities using pictures and video.